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Carmel Vallley Office:


4S Ranch Office:

"We love Dr. Grant and his team, they are very professional and nice! I would put any of my children again with Dr. Grant! Thank you!
—Maayan S. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant and his team has been a pleasure to work with. He took great care of my son's teeth and I would recommend him and the team to all my friends and family! The office has a great atmosphere as well! Thank you Dr. Grant
—Linda W. (Mother of child)

"Our experience with Dr. Grant and the entire staff at Braces By Grant have been exceptional. They are professional, positive, and produced amazing results!"
—Stacy C. (Mother of child)

"Brooke had braces two times and the process was very professional, and the ortho tech were very friendly!"
—Anna (Mother of child)

"My daughter had a very nice experience in the last two and half years. Dr. Grant is always willing to explain and clarify our concerns without any hesitations. Setting up appointments is very smooth. Everyone at the clinic is very friendly and welcoming."
—Meena G. (Mother of child)

"Every staff member has been so friendly, and pleasant to have working on my daughter!"
—Andrea S. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant from the first appointment was very kind. He answered all of my many questions. The ortho techs were always so professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Grant for all your orthodontic needs. My daughter's treatment plan was consistent, and there were no problems. The office is clean and kid friendly. Brienna's smile is beautiful. Thank you Dr. Grant!"
—Brienna W.

"We had a very smooth and pleasant experience, during the past 14 months, We highly recommend Dr. Grant and his professional team for excellent care. The staff is super friendly and nice too! We'll be back for phase 2 in a couple of years!
—Teri T. (Mother of child)

"We have had a very positive experience with Dr. Grant and his team. They are always friendly, helpful and informative. It has made our experience with braces run smoothly."
—Kimberly N (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant, his team, and the office staff are truly top notch! They are always very friendly and kind. I feel that they truly care  about their patients. My kids actually look forward to their appointments with Dr. Grant
—Robin B. (Mother of child)

"My experience with Dr. Grant and his team is one will never forget. The customer service was great, and everyone was really considerate. My teeth and bite all turned out great. I am truly satisfied with my smile!"
—Florence Y.

"Thank you Dr. Grant and staff for your expertise! We've had many great compliments on Erica's result!
—Tauna L. (Mother of child)

"We are glad we came to Dr. Grant's practice for my daughter's orthodontic treatment. The entire staff is always friendly. Dr. Grant is an excellent doctor and is also very caring. We went to 4 different orthodontists before deciding to come to Braces By Grant, and there has been no disappointments. We already referred our friend to this place and we will recommend this place to anyone who's looking for orthodontic treatments."
—Kae K. ( Mother of child)

"Everyone was very accommodating, professional,  and friendly. It was always a nice experience, we would highly recommend anyone to come to Dr. Grant. Thank you!
—Mike H. (Father of child)

"As a parent my experience with Dr. Grant and his staff was great. Everybody in the office was nice and professional, and appointments were always on time. Grant's teeth look great. When there were problems with the braces, Dr. Grants office would always make sure you were able to get in the same day to take care of any issues. I would highly recommend to people I know!"
—Dale C. (Father of child)

"Staff is professional, friendly, and flexible. We are happy to see that his teeth are aligned. The whole process is much easier than we anticipated"
—C.Z (Mother of child)

"We're very pleased we went with Dr. Grant's office!!! Everyone here did a great job and is very professional/friendly. The end result look amazing!!! A huge thanks to Dr. Grant and his wonderful staff!!!"
—Jane B. ( Mother of child)

"Thank you for Noah's amazing teeth! It's been a process worth waiting for when we see his amazing results. Dr. Grant and his staff know what they are doing!"
—Lisa M. (Mother of child)

"Everyone at Braces By Grant have been amazing. They have made the experience of having braces fun and easy! Our daughter has understood everything she needed to do and enjoys coming in for her check ups. We could not be happier. Thank you so much for everything"
—Joanne C. ( Mother of child)

" Wonderful team! Very polite and respectful, and I'm glad I came to Dr. Grant and his  team for  my child's orthodontic care. I would highly recommend!"
—Kelly H.L. (Mother of child)

"The program is well run and organized, plenty of appointments reminder and friendly competent staff."
—Kelly S. (Mother of child)

"Very professional team. My daughter's smile is now perfect! Thanks Dr. Grant!"
—Christina P. (Mother of child)

"Great experience with Dr. Grant, everyone is very helpful and friendly. Appointments are east to schedule. Thank you!"
—Megan F. (Mother of child)

"Excellent work! It's a fun atmosphere and a happy experience"
—Peter R. 

"Our experience at Braces By Grant has been extremely positive. The environment of the office, created by Dr. Grant and his staff is very uplifting, and a joy to be a part of. Dr. Grant went about and beyond to make sure we had a the best possible outcome, and we are grateful.
—Susan L. (Mother of child)

"It's been a great experience with Dr. Grant. Andrew's teeth are totally restored to the right positions. Andrew was worried before going to Dr. Grant for braces. Now he like what he went through and very happy with his teeth. The staff there are all very nice and professional! I would strongly recommend Dr. Grant for your kids, if your kids need braces.
—Shanhia X.  (Mother of child)

"We have had a great experience! Very professional and always on time- which is wonderful for us parents! I recommend this office all the time!"
Brandi N. (Mother of child)

"I never thought going to see the orthodontist can be this pleasant! Thank you for everything!"
—Gina C. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant and his team did a fantastic job in helping my daughter navigate through the process. My daughter felt comfortable through the entire process."
—Elizabeth R. (Mother of child)

"Brianna  has enjoyed her experience  with Dr. Grant and is very excited to show off her new smile!"
—Mark S. (Father of child)

"Estoy muy contenta con todo el fratamiento  y sobre todo el resultado. El consultovio es muy agradeble  dede su personal hasta sus instabiones. Son muy puntales por lo que la espera no es larga."
—Vivian P. (Mother of child)

"The team at Dr. Grants office very friends and the kids like going!"
—Kelly C.(Mother of Child)

"We are very pleased with all the services provide during our son's time wearing braces. The staff were always very nice and informative during the process. We also appreciate the flexible payment system."
—Robert W. (Father of Child)

"We are very happy with the wonderful patience and care Evan has received during his Phase 1 treatment"
—Johanna N. (Mother of Child)

"You and your profesional assistants have been communicative, accommodative, and courteous. Your entire staff have been responsive and thorough."
—Gary S. (Father of child)

"All of the orhodontic assistants have been excellent! Kimberly, Jennifer, and Nichole have been so wonderful with Piper. They have shown such respect and have made every visit pleasant. We have enjoyed the visits to the office. They staff and environment is very comfortable and friendly."
—Jill S. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant and his entire team are great! Every appointment (and there were many!) started on time. Each tech's chairside manner was perfect- warm, age-appropriate, explaining each to Sydney without being condescendity. Sydney looked forward to each appointment."
—Teresa Y. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant and staff are great! Both my daughters worked with Braces By Grant for their beautiful straight smiles. Lesson leaned from daughter 2: follow the things Dr. Grant and the staff tell you and you will get your braces off quicker. Thank you Dr. Grant, and everytone else!"
—Beth P. (Mother of child)

"We are satisfied with the attention and service provided. MY child loves Dr. Grant's team. Thank you!"
—Nidia M. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grants and his team are fantastic. They are always cheerful and kind. My Smile use to be really scary, but now I have beautiful and straight teeth. I know having braces is a pain, but it was well worth it."
—Gwen H. (Patient)

"The staff at Braces By Grant are simply amazing! They have taken excellent care of my daughter, but beyond that they helped her being extremely patient with her as she was extremely terrfied. First stage is complete and her teeth are looking great! I would recommend Dr. Grant to anyone and everyone. Thank you Dr. Grant and staff!"
—Crystal G. (Mother of child)

"We love our experience with Dr. Grant and crew! The office team is very easy to talk to and very patient with questions regarding payments, re-scheduling ect...The doctor and assistants are professional and easy to approach with any questions about treatments and general understanding of the process. I am very satisfied and highly recommend Braces By Grant"
—Gayatri B (Mother of child)

"Dr. Grant and his staff were very friendly, accommodating and amazing! I would recommend his office to everyone!"
—Rosalie D. (Mother of child)

"Everyone was so nice. We didn't have to wait long appointments. East to schedule for after school. Took about as long as they said for phase to be completed. Liam had no problems/fears about coming to the orthodontist! Liam said he liked it here!"
—Angela C. (Mother of child)

"We had a great experience with Dr. Grant and his team. They were always so helpful. If my son needs orthodontictreatment we will be definitely coming back here. I'll recommend him to everybody. 
—Ozlem C. (Mother of child)

"Before i came here my teeth were a mess. Now they are super straight and I'm so happy to have come here!"
—Ceylin C. (Patient)

"Extremely pleased with outcome. Dr. Gran and team were very nice and helpful through the process. I would recommend Dr. Grant for everyone!"
A.D (Father of child)

"I enjoyed visiting Dr. Grant and his staff, they did a good job with my teeth! I love my new smile now!"
—Henry L. (Patient)

"I liked coming to the appointments, everyone was really nice. Nothing would ever really hurt. I like having braces and I would look forward to my appointments."
—Maribel H. (Patient)

"We have found Dr. Grant and his office to be extremely efficient. The entire process worked exactly as planned and my son's teeth look great! I've recommended your office to many friends!"
—Jen R. (Mother of child)

" I have enjoyed having my braces on! Dr. Grant and his staff has been awsome!"
—Jaqueline L. (Patient)

"We have been very pleased with our experience here. Dr. Grant and his staff have been welcoming and friendly during our visits, always communicating thoroughly and making sure all of our questions were answered and needs met. I have felt confident in the skill and knowledge of the office and impressed that they have taken extra time and care to make sure my daughter was comfortable"
—Ellyn L. (Mother of child)

"It was an awesome experience and everyone was really nice and took good care of my daughter."
—Brian S. (Father of child)

"Everyone here is so friendly! we really loved coming here!. My sons teeth are very sensitive (and so is he) and they were always very gently, kind, and compassionate. they talk with you about everything first, so there are never any surprises. 
—Darlene L. (M of child)

"I couldn't wait to get braces, all my friends told me how great Dr. Grant's office is. I can't believe they are already coming off! My teeth look great! Thanks Dr. Grant and team!"
—Miranda R. (Mother of child)

"We are very satisfied with the care provided by Dr. Grant and his team. Sophie's smile looks beautiful and the process was made easy by Dr. Grant and his terrific assistants!"
—Laura C. (Mother of child)

"Dr. Gran and his team at Braces By Grant have been amazing! Hannah's  teeth look amazing. I would and will highly recommend all of our families and fiends who need orthodontic  work and pediatric dentistry to this establishment. Thank you so much for making our experience a positive and exciting one!"
—Tammy  F. (Mother of child)

"We are very happt with the results of Cheynne's treatment. Our daughter has a lot of sensory problems and can be very orally defensive-meaning no one touches her mouth! The team at Dr. Grant's office established a safe trusting relations with her so we could have the bes outcome. 10 months later and she has no more oral defensiveness and allows the work to be done for as long as necessary. Thank you everyone at Dr. Grant's office.
—Jazel P. (Mother of child)

"My experience here was great! I love my new smile. The staff are really nice and always ask how my day went. I loved here!"
—Arpita A. (Patient)

"It was a wonderful experience! There was very little pain and I love my new smile! Everybody in Dr. Grant's office was super friendly too. Dr. Grant always explained everything and helped me feel super relaxed and comfortable!
—Archana J. (Mother of child)

"Dr.Grant is both a great guy and a great orthodontist. He and his team are sucha pleasure to work with and I have them to thank for my beautiful new smile!"
—Caitlin L. (Patient)

"Dr.Grant is a great orthodontist! The office takes really good care of you and your teeth. They were always nice and friendly, and have a smile for you!"
—Sheri A. (Mother of child) 

"The service has been great. Great flexibility with schedule and scheduling changes. The assistants offered thorough explanations and were always friendly and courteous."
—Scott S. (Father of child)

"Dr.Grant and his team have been very patient and gently during each of our visits. They took extra time to explain everything and always made us feel comfortable asking questions. Getting the braces off was a happy day!"
—Lisa L. (Mother of child)

"It was a good experience getting the treatment done at Dr. Grant's office. The staff was very friendly and supportive. There was no waiting times at a the appointments. The staff are very patient and helped overcome my daughter's anxiety and fear by answering her questions."
—Sherya C. (Motcher of child)

“Dr. Grant and his staff are by far the best at what they do. Not only are they professional and knowledgeable, but friendly too. The office staff is always accommodating and engaging. The orthodontic assistants are fast, thorough, and have fun with the kids. Finally Dr. Grant! He is approachable, makes the entire process understandable and is upfront with answers to all the questions we had. The only reason the kids are happy to get braces a second round is because of Dr. Grant! Also the waiting room is full of games and toys for all ages.”
—Julianne N. (Mother of child)

“The entire staff is extremely friendly and professional. My daughter felt very comfortable during the whole process. The staff answered all questions thoroughly and were open to suggestions. We are very pleased with the end result.”
—Anita W. (Mother of child)

“Our experience with Dr. Grant has been exceptional. I’ve had 3 children to see Dr. Grant for braces and the staff has been great and have made it a positive experience for them. I would highly recommend Dr. Grant and his team for any orthodontic work that need to be done.”
—Dale C.(Father of child)

“Wonderful staff! Excellent work! Thank you for always being so pleasant and patient!”
—Patricia K. (Mother of child)(

“Positive and bright atmosphere. Professional staff! Great job Dr. Grant!”
—Mark.K (Father of child)

“Maya had a long term pacifier use, which resulted in a narrow bite and jaw formation. Dr. Grant and staff walked us through her treatment and timeline. They were professional, knowledgeable, and speedy. Maya always enjoyed her visits here and her teeth are looking so good!”
—Brenda. (Mother of child)

“We are so happy from Dr. Grant and his staff. Most important is the result of my smile, it’s gorgeous. I am so pleased about the outcome.”
—Rhanya A. (Patient)

“We are completely satisfied with the experience and the results. My son enjoyed visiting the office every few weeks and their staff were exceptionally friendly and accommodating. Thanks Dr. Grant!”
—Darrryl Y. (Father of child)

“I can’t thank and praise Dr. Grant and his amazing team enough for their excellent and professional treatment that allowed me to have a beautiful smile. The atmosphere was calm and cheerful. The team was friendly and highly skilled. Dr. Grant was always there to answer any questions and solve any issues with a smile. I am so happy with the results, it’s a dream come true to have a beautiful smile.”
—Danit K. (Patient)

"We had a wonderful experience! The office had a good atmosphere, everyone is so pleasent, helpful, and professional"
Tomer H. (Patient)


"My experience at Braces By Grant was fantastic! The staff was courteous and very friendly at every visit. I am so happy with my smile now!"
Peter D. (Patient)

"We love Dr. Grant's entire office. We have had the best experince here with Dr. Grant, the front desk staff, and the wonderful technicians. Lillians teeth are amazing. Thank you for all you've done!"
—Autumn C. (Mother of child)

"Great first experience with ortho in the family. Ofice staff and Dr. Grant always kept us informed and made these past 8 months seamless. Thank you!"
Eddie V. (Father of child)

"Dr.Grant and his staff provided outstanding service to Kayla. Kayla broke her wires numerous times and the staff was very accomodating to take care of Kayla in a timely manner. Kayla loved the staff and was not afraid or refused to go to appointments. Dr. Grant is fantastic with kids and I highly recommend him for all childred requiring braces."
—Vasio G. (Mother of child)

"Completely enjoyed coming to appts. Always a pleasant experince. Dr. Grant is great and the technicians are awsome!"
Rhiza C. (Mother of child)

"Choosing an orthodontist is a tough decision and we are extremely pleased we chose Dr. Grant. Alyssa never had any apprehension during her entire braces experience. The staff is amazing and the kid-friendly amenities make it a very low - stress enronment. Alyssa's teeth look great! Thank you Dr.Grant!
Darrly Y. (Father of child)

“Noa had a wonderful experience here; she felt comfortable and she trusted Dr. Grant and his staff. She loved coming to a follow-up and we had never expected that it would be that easy and fun.”
— Anat H. (Mother of child)

“Dr. Grant is amazing! David had more teeth than mouth real estate and now he has a beautiful smile. The visits were always punctual and Dr. Grant and his staff are fantastic with their patient.”
— Randy L.(Father of child)

“Always very friendly service by the doctor and assistants. Daughter’s teeth look awesome!”
— Karin W. (Mother of child)

“We really had a great experience here in Dr. Grant’s office. Definitely recommended! Thank you so much, Dr. Grant and your team!”
— Hong W. (Mother of child)

“Dr. Grant and his team have been amazing! Both my children see him and are happy with all the treatment received. Thank you for making the process easy.”
— Tobi T. (Mother of child)


“Loved Dr. Grant; the office is one of the most efficiently run, state-of-the-art, professional, and established I have patronized. Dr. Grant is a pioneer and a great orthodontist. His staff is A+; he only employs the best.”
— Tracy N. (Patient)

“Dr. Grant and his team are professional, friendly, and care for their patients. My daughter likes the office a lot. We recommend Dr. Grant and his team to our friends.”
— Sophia Y. (Patient)

“It was a good, positive experience with Dr. Grant, service as well as his professional staff. All stages of orthodontic treatment were well communicated and explained to us. The appointments were schedule based on our requests and needs. We are completely satisfied with this office and their professional duties.”
— Sergiy O. (Father of child)

“My daughter received expert care at Dr. Grant’s office! Everyone on the staff is so friendly and appointments were easy to make and change. We are very happy with our whole experience here!”
— Geri J. (Mother of child)


“From start to finish, Dr. Grant and his staff have been excellent in communicating with us about the process, the cost, and what we should expect! We’re smiling!”
— Maryana B. (Mother of child)


“Dr. Grant and his team are terrific! By offering braces in the colors of Jason’s favorite teams, they made having them fun! We also appreciated the flexible appointment times and the friendly atmosphere provided by Dr. Grant’s staff.”
— Darin W. (Mother of child)


“The whole experience was smooth and much easier than expected. Dr. Grant and staff are wonderful.”
— Caroline J. (Patient)


“Dr. Grant and his team have been absolutely wonderful. My girls love the staff and the attention they provide to their needs. Every step of the orthodontic process has been great so far. As a parent, I am very satisfied and appreciate the staff and Dr. Grant for giving my daughter a great orthodontic experience.”
— Linda M. (Mother of child)



“He was very nice and patient. He made my teeth look very nice. I am very happy with the outcome.”
— Jordan W. (Patient)


“Dr. Grant and staff are amazing! I am really picky with doctors and dentists but thank God we came here. They’re always good with reminding me about my appointment ahead of time; this helps a lot, being so busy. Axel loves the office, ambience, TVs and staff. We came from a bad experience in the past with another dentist, so this changed everything for us.”
— Katia R.  (Mother of child)


“Super nice staff! My daughter did not mind going to the orthodontist for her braces. Very pleased with the results. Dr. Grant is very personable. Thanks!”
— Wade W.(Father of child)


“I had a great experience with Dr. Grant. I was nervous about getting my braces, but Dr. Grant and his team made it a very pleasant experience.”
— Nina G. (Patient)


“Thank you so much! The entire process has been such a great experience: Saylor actually looks forward to her orthodontic appointments!”
— Renee S. (Mother of child)


“Finding an office that is always on time and has a friendly atmosphere is like hitting the jackpot, but finding Dr. Grant was like hitting a major lotto. Dr. Grant is so professional, he knows his clientele, and he is very personable. My kids love seeing him and getting to spin the wheel of fortune. This is a five-star doctor. We could not imagine our kids with any other doctor. Fun office, great décor. It’s like the Ritz Carlton of ortho. Love, love, love, Dr. Grant.”
— Patricia K. (Mother of child)



“Nathan is very happy with the way he has been treated here at the office of Dr. Grant.”
— Fransisco S. (Father of child)


“Kimberly started treatment to correct her underbite through braces rather than surgery, and we couldn’t be any happier at the results to date. Dr. Grant and his staff were very good at calming Kimberly during what could have been a very scary experience.”
— Pat M. (Mother of child)


“I am very pleased with results of my kids’ orthodontic work. The staff and Dr. Grant are so professional and thorough with their work.”
— Lisa M. (Mother of child)


“Dr. Grant’s team was fantastic! We were on schedule, they were very attentive, and I would highly recommend them.”
— Stacy B (Mother of child)


“A truly painless, professional, and fun experience. We cannot thank you and your staff enough. The whole process (12 months) has been absolutely worthwhile. What a beautiful smile, thank you.”
— Anthony F. (Father of child)



“We have had a wonderful experience, Dr. Grant and the staff are very friendly.”
— Sanjani V. (Mother of child)
July 2013


“Ian received excellent consultation and ortho work. The process was smooth and financial consultation to removal of braces. Thank you!”
— Celena V. (Mother of child)


“Dr. Grant and his team have done an excellent job on my teeth. They are experienced and very patient, and always there whenever I need them.”
— Alan Z. (Patient)


“We loved that Dr. Grant and his team would explain each step they were doing and how it would feel. So my daughter knew what to anticipate.”
— Camille J.(Mother of child)


“Dr. Grant and his staff are immensely helpful and supportive. They best thing about Dr. Grant (and his team) is his willingness and provide information that we need to ensure a beautiful, lasting smile!”
— Anahid A. (Mother of child)


“I have been extremely pleased with the care that Dr. Grant and his team have given my daughter. He not only aims to complete the job, but continues to care and treat until the teeth are all perfect, precise, and acceptable to all parties. Thank you, Dr. Grant.”
— Laura K. (Mother of child)


“Dr. Grant and his team were awesome during my treatment. He was great in easing my anxiety about getting my braces on and taking them off. I highly recommend him and his great staff to my friends and family and to anyone else who needs orthodontic care.”
— Kaili A. (patient)


“We love Dr. Grant! Our friends recommended us to see his office. Have since referred other friends to his office. The staff is always friendly, happy, and very accommodating. We only have praises for Dr. Grant and his whole staff. Our daughter never complained once. Very easy process.”
— Mary M. (Mother of child)